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Avoid risks of sitting: Stand up for your health!

By Anna Sharratt,

Prolonged sitting can raise your chances of developing a serious illness — and it may take more than a once-a-week workout to reduce the risk.

Toronto lawyer Patrick Simon sits a lot. “I sit for 10 to 12 hours per working day,” says Simon, 38. “I try to take walking breaks, but often I will remain seated without getting up for up to three hours at a stretch, and sometimes even longer.” Read more »


Travel vaccinations: What to know before you go

By Anna Sharratt,

Alina Valachi hasn’t forgotten her last trip to Pakistan. “My husband contracted malaria two weeks into the trip,” she says. This was despite taking precautions such as spraying their room with pesticides, wearing long-sleeved clothing and applying mosquito repellent. “He was born and raised in Pakistan, and had never contracted malaria — he assumed that he had immunity to the disease,” she says.
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One Simple Solution for Medication Safety


Go Play Outside

You always hear lamentations about what a chore exercise is and how it’s so hard to drag yourself to the gym.  If you don’t love the burn from a hard spin class or that red-faced-sweaty feeling you get after a good run, there  are many other ways to still be active. Read more »